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Four steps to discerning God's will

🕔20:15, 29. Jan 2015

Adapted from an article by Sr. Anita Louise Lowe, O.S.B. for VISION Vocation Guide. Read the complete article at: Discernment is a time when you allow yourself to be open to God's will. Anyone going through the discernment process should take four steps to ensure that they are making the right choice. The first step is to become aware. You should be praying. Converse with God and find God's voice in the voices around you. Your vocation is always a call to be of service to others. The second step, you must gather information. Weigh the many options in front of you. It can be especially helpful to have a spiritual director, to help guide you on your path. In the third step, you choose what you sense to be God's will. To make the decision that you believe will lead you to become the person God created you to be. The fourth step of discernment is making a decision. It is a critical step in the process. You look for confirmation of your choice through prayer. Prayer is vital during this period. While some may support you in your choice, you may also encounter those who disagree. At these moments it is important to pay attention. Do you find your choice weakening, or do you find it strengthened in the face of adversity? Discernment takes a lot of energy. Your task is to listen, to listen well. Once you've heard God's voice... follow it. For it is Jesus who asks each of you, "What are you seeking?" Read the complete article by Sr. Anita Lowe, OSB at

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