Take Five for Faith

  • Take Five for Faith - Daily renewal for busy Catholics
    What are we waiting for?

    An empty chair at the Passover table waits for Elijah. He’s the mysterious prophet in 2 Kings who flew to heaven on a fiery chariot. Elijah’s return is anticipated as the hour of restored justice. Jesus tells us not to wait on Elijah: The time for justice is already here. Since 1948 on this day, the United Nations has promoted International Human Rights Day. It’s a time to declare that equality, freedom, peace, hope, dignity, rule of law, prosperity, and justice belong to all, not just to the lucky ones. Stand up for global human rights.

    Today's readings: 

    Sirach 48:1-4, 9-11; Matthew 17:9a, 10-13 (186​).

    “Elijah will indeed come and restore all things; but I tell you that Elijah has already come.”

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