Presentation Sisters (P.B.V.M.), UK [Code: 429]

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As a religious community, we commit ourselves to deepening our relationship with God, supporting each other, and continuing the Mission of Jesus. At the heart of Presentation Spirituality is compassion and hospitality. We are called to a reflective way of living in which our prayer moves us to action and our action to prayer. Nano Nagle, our foundress, began her work of liberation of the poor in Cork, Ireland, in a setting of political oppression, displacement of people, economic and social injustice, and deprivation of human rights. She brought to the sad reality of her day all that a person can ever bring—her own response made in faith to God, whom she knew to be present in each human life. Inspired by her example, other women, in circumstances at once amazingly different and similar, have down the centuries, brought to the developing story their own unique contribution in every continent. Contact us to learn more. Member of Compass. 

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