Benedictine Monks (O.S.B.), Worth Abbey, UK [Code: 469]

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Benedictine monastic life was instituted in the Church in the sixth century; to this day, monks follow the Holy Rule as our response to Christ’s call. Monks listen to Christ through Church teaching, through the Scriptures, and through the Abbot and Community. Our response is the obedience of community living, the stability of community prayer and the conversion of mutual service. At Worth Abbey, 20 monks sing daily Mass and the full Divine Office of the Church in the Abbey church, and, as witnesses to the eternal truths of God, practice lectio divina of scripture and private mental prayer. We follow the monastic tradition of earning our own living through educational and pastoral works, offering hospitality to guests and, by our communal way of life, stand out against worldliness and social disharmony. Worth Abbey is a monastery of the English Benedictine Congregation, and a member of the worldwide Benedictine Confederation. Contact us to learn more. Member of Compass.

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