Sisters of Nazareth (C.S.N.), UK [Code: 448]

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As religious women our first desire is to seek God, becoming one with him, taking on his mind and his way of life. We then live out our consecration through the various ministries (services) that enable us to present the love of Christ to all. For more than 150 years, inspired by our foundress Victoire Larmenier, we have been supporting and caring for those in need, from the beginning of life, through our ministries of childcare and education, to the later years, through residential care services and independent living and other ministries in keeping with our spirit. We strive to live our core values of love, compassion, patience, respect, justice, and hospitality. These values are the heart of our professional expertise, making each Nazareth House a place of peace. Please contact us to learn more. Member of Compass.

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