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The Order of St. Paul of the Cross, known as Discalced Paulicrucian Nuns of the Primitive Observance, follow the Rule of St. Benedict and the Charism of St. Paul of the Cross. As contemplatives, we use Gregorian chant for daily breviary community prayers and also have personal study time, lectio divina, and sacred art works for our income. Our hearts are focused on all that would bring us closer to the heights of union with our Beloved Lord of Merciful Compassion and at the same time we limit distractions from the world. We are aware of the events of the global community through the internet and our studies, visitors, and benefactors so that we can grow in our understanding of the world's needs and how our sacrificial life as cloistered brides of Christ Crucified can best serve humanity through our service to Holy Mother Church. Vocational inquiries are welcome and happily answered by Mother Abbess. Visits and short term live-in periods of discernment (no charge) can be arranged after intial contacts from young, single (never married) women ages 20-33, in good health and searching to joyously dedicate their lives and talents in a contemplative community where generosity and charity are the most valued spiritual currency.

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