Grace and Compassion Benedictines (O.S.B.), UK [Code: 452]

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The Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Grace and Compassion was founded in 1954 and in 1978 became part of the Benedictine family. The Rule of St. Benedict is centered on Christ and aims at a balanced life. The main work of the congregation is hospitality, particularly in the care of the old, the sick, and the poor. We take as one of our vows that of “stability,” by which we promise to persevere in our monastic family. Everything is held in common. We obey the lawful commands of our superiors. We look for women who are sincerely seeking God, who have a love for the liturgy, who are generous, caring, with sound common sense, and in reasonable health. A sense of humor is an asset. Contact us to learn more. Member of Compass.

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