Rome's Trevi Fountain lit red in honor of Christian martyrs

Posted by Katie Loftus
Monday 02, May 2016 | Category:   Catholic culture,Mary and the Saints
Vision 2016 Loftus 1 On April 29 in Rome, the Trevi Fountain was part of a graphic display of the persecution many Christians face around the world today
On April 29 the Trevi Fountain in Rome was part of a graphic display commemorating the persecution many Christians face in the world today.

This week, the Trevi Fountain in Rome was lit up in red in memory of the blood shed by Christian martyrs throughout the world. The Catholic News Service reports that the event was sponsored by Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic charity that seeks to "draw attention to the dramatic issue of anti-Christian persecution" around the globe. 

The event included guest speakers, who shared stories of men and women who have died for their faith. Images of these martyrs were projected onto the fountain, including those of four Missionaries of Charity who were murdered in Yemen in March.

Through this visual representation of the plight of modern Christian martyrs, the church hopes to increase awareness of a growing worldwide problem. 

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