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Tuesday 04, August 2015 | Category:   Mission & Evangelization

Jesuit Father Robert Dae-je Choi has found a way to wake people up—with caffeine and prayer. Father Choi and a team of volunteers run Ignatius Cafe in Los Angeles, where they help customers kick off their busy day in a peaceful way by creating an environment to quietly pray or happily converse.

“As a Jesuit and in the Jesuit faith, we find God in all things—coffee is in God and God is in coffee,” Father Choi said. The cafe is named after the founder of the Society of Jesus.

According to Jesuit News, Father Choi, who has a passion for coffee and a certification from the Coffee Quality Institute, opened the cafe in 2011 to help support St. Agnes Korean Catholic Church and provide a place for members to gather. All proceeds go to local and global causes. The drink menu is simple, and a $3 donation is suggested for all drinks. Not a bad price considering Father Choi has a selection of beans from around the world hand-sorted every morning in order to make the perfect brew. 

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