Nun promotes healthy habits

Posted by Katie Loftus
Sunday 23, November 2014 | Category:   Clergy
Sister Jean Marie Craig teaches fitness to her college students.

Sister Jean Marie Craig believes nourishing both the spirit and the mind are important to living a healthy life. That’s why this 80-year-old Sister of the Blessed Sacrament is still teaching aerobics classes at Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans.

An alumnus of Xavier herself, Sister Craig has been teaching physical education and CPR/First Aid for 32 years. While some may think taking an aerobics class from a nun is easy, her students say otherwise. “She challenges us every class and she wants us to do our best. She’s definitely hard-core for a nun,” junior Leticia McDaniel said.

Sister Craig understands the importance of physical fitness and what a blessing it is to be able to move. She wants to instill healthy habits in her students. “If you stop exercising, it’s a lot harder to get it back," she said.

As for being called “hardcore,” Sister Craig agrees. “Students say I’m tough. I expect them to come to class and earn their A-grade.”

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