Nun named among top Chicagoans

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Friday 21, November 2014 | Category:   Catholic culture,Mission & Evangelization
Sister Rosemary Connelly runs Misericordia with "a kind smile and an iron will."
Sister Rosemary Connelly, R.S.M., has been named one of the "2014 Chicogoans of the Year," by Chicago magazine. Sister Connelly, executive director of Misericordia, a group home for the developmentally disabled, has been leading this nonprofit for 45 years.

Connelly points out in the magazine that until 1975 disabled people received only custodial care through the state, with no educational or therapeutic programs. Misericordia offers speech, occupational, and physical therapies, as well as yoga and dance classes, an aquatic and fitness center, and residents work at a bakery and restaurant.

"Our philosophy is based on the belief that our children and adults have a right to a good life, and they deserve to be engaged in that life,” Connelly said. “Here, they know they’re loved and challenged and respected.”"

View the YouTube video honoring this Sisters of Mercy of the Americas here:

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