'Nuns in the hood' celebrate 25 years of ministry

Posted by Katie Loftus
Tuesday 28, October 2014 | Category:   Mission & Evangelization
A nun from Visitation Monastery in Minneapolis hugs a young member of the community.

Nuns from an inner-city monastery on the north side of Minneapolis are celebrating 25 years of ministry in their community. Visitation Monastery was started in 1989 by four nuns. The community often refers to them as the 'nuns in the hood.'

The nuns of Visitation Monastery are a strong presence in the community, participating in peace walks and vigils for the slain and organizing events for children such as birthday parties and school-supply drives, as well as providing bus tokens and groceries to those in need.

According to resident Bianca Franks, the nuns provide more than services. "It’s just the idea of being present and having someone not only see but appreciate you and love you,” Franks said.

Retired journalist and professor Dave Nimmer said, “They are the closest thing that I can see to the face of Christ, of God, on this Earth.”

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