Four decades of the influential art of Corita Kent

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Saturday 26, October 2013 | Category:   Consecrated Life
The first full-scale survey of Corita Kent's work as an artist, Someday Is Now: The Art of Corita Kent, captures Sr. Corita Kent's career as a Catholic, an artist, an activist, and an inspiring art teacher at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood, CA. This new book features her famous pieces and passion for the anti-war and civil rights movements. According to Gizmodo's article How a Screenprinting Nun Changed the Course of Modern Art: "Kent's work, was unapologetically positive, drawing inspiration from scripture, advertising and the streets of Los Angeles. Her prints featured phrases and graphic patterns that cribbed from cultural references and juxtaposed high and low, techniques seen in the work of contemporary artists from Andy Warhol to Shepard Fairey." (See VISION's Women of Spirit article for more on Corita Kent and the contributions of other American women religious.)

Speaking of creative ways to engage students' interest, Kent's work reminds me on a smaller scale of the stories my grandmother would tell me of her and her sisters' time as students of Immaculate Heart College in the 1920s—now Immaculate Heart High School—especially the memories of my great aunt, Sister Margaret Irene, also a former Immaculate Heart nun, teaching with castanets borrowed from her flamenco lessons as a young girl.

What other "hats" have you seen religious women wear besides the obvious "religious service to others and God" hat?

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           CORITA KENT on the cover of NEWSWEEK in 1967
and her 1985 USPS Love stamp design.
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