Catholic sister among peace protesters convicted as saboteurs against the U.S.

Posted by Siobhan O'Neill Meluso
Tuesday 04, June 2013 | Category:   Consecrated Life
Anti-nuclear peace protesters, Holy Child of Jesus Sister Megan Rice SHCJ, Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli, were originally charged with trespassing on federal property when they cut the fence at a nuclear plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and painted peace slogans on the nuclear silos. But after the government faced embarrassing questions about the lack of the security at the plant, the charges were changed dramatically. The three non-violent offenders, including the 83-year-old Sister Rice, have now been convicted of acts of terrorism and face a minimum of 10 years in prison. They are currently imprisoned in a federal jail in Knoxville awaiting sentencing on September 23, 2013. 
Sr. Mary Ann Buckley, head of the American Province of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus said in a statement after Sr. Rice's trial:  Sr. Rice believes, “with the Catholic Church,” that “nuclear weapons are incompatible with the peace so desperately needed throughout the world and therefore cannot be justified. . . . We intend to stand by Sister Megan and our Church’s clear teaching against nuclear proliferation as the current situation is resolved. In similar fashion, we will continue to provide the opportunities, skills and commitment that allow those in need to overcome obstacles and lead productive lives.”
Read more here and here. Sign the petition to Attorney General Eric Holder here.
Learn more about the mission and work of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.
"Transforn Now Plowshares is an effort of people of faith to transform weapons into real,
life-giving alternatives, to build true peace."

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