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A great article surfaced yesterday in the Chicago Tribune about Christian Comedy. The article covered a comedian by the name of Jeff Allen who has found great satisfaction in telling clean, good humored jokes to Church's throughout the US.

Allen, a born again Christian, struggled early on in his career. A high school graduate, he had trouble finding his way. While performing he fell into dark times as he struggled with drugs and alcohol. On the verge of being divorced he realized he needed to make a change. Upon reading the bible and Ayn Rand, he had a slow conversion. On Aug. 17, 1997 he had his epiphany and that is when he devoted his life to Jesus Christ.

Allen, who now performs over 80 gigs a year, works very hard at keeping his routine clean and humorous. After his conversion, he was forced to find humor without all the expletives, and that has certainly made him a better comedian.

The article also looks into the Christian Comedy industry and how it has ebbed and flowed over the past 20 years. The Christian Comedy Association formed in 2002, focuses on appealing to comedy clubs that this venue is lucrative and funny. While their focus is to keep the humor clean and fun, the industry of comedy itself in Chicago is a dying one. They are trying to bring back the funny without all the trash.

One of Allen's top jokes is one I will leave you with. "I believe teenagers are God's revenge on mankind. One day God is looking down over his creation and says to himself, 'Hey let's see how they like to create someone in their own image who denies their existence.' I looked through the bible cover to cover, and it never mentions how old Satan was when he finally rejected God's authority. My guess? Sixteen."

So laugh a little today and enjoy the humor of life. 

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