A look at Catholicism's role behind the scenes

Posted by Patrice Tuohy
Thursday 15, September 2011 | Category:  

In his newly released memoir, Life itself, Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert writes about his relationship with iconic film director Martin Scorsese, "Scorsese and I were born five months apart in 1942, into worlds that could not have differed more, but in important ways we had similar childhoods. We were children of working-class parents well aware of their ethnic origins. We attended Roman Catholic schools and churches that, in those pre-Vatican II days, would have been substantially similar. We memorized the Latin of the mass, we were drilled on mortal sins, venial sins, sanctifying grace, the fires of hell; we memorized great swaths of the Baltimore Catechism. We were baffled by the concept of Forever and  asked how it was that God could have no beginning and no end. . . . Every time I've met Marty, the conversation has come around sooner or later to Catholicism and sin."

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