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runningToday, people are hopping on the running bandwagon. I would certainly consider myself a fair-weather runner because I definitely jumped on the bandwagon late in the game. However, it seems that running races is no longer something people still need to cross off their bucket lists. Many people have incorporated running as part of their daily routines and lifestyles. 

Running may not be glamorous or easy, but it is a great way to get in shape, to let off some steam, and to feel good. Many races focus on giving back to communities or charities and that is one of the reasons why I decided to start running. So not only are you helping yourself but you are also helping others. How awesome! 

Running can be a wonderful metaphor for our own lives and the paths we each set out on. It doesn't matter the pace we set or how fast we finish, rather, it is how hard we work to prepare, the goal of helping others, and the endurance we have to defeat all the obstacles that are in our way to make it across the finish line of life. 

The playlist I created are my top 10 running songs, and I can assure you these songs are good for any runner or athlete out there. Get your blood pumping, your heart racing, and the motivation you need to accomplish your goals. Here are my 10 running songs! Get moving!

Please enjoy these songs from Spotify! If you do not have Spotify yet, I have included the names of the songs that are featured in this playlist. 

Here are the featured songs in the Runner's Delight Playlist!
1. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen 
2. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
3. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson
4. Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones
5. Don't Stop Believing by Journey
6. Running down a dream by Tom Petty
7. I Ran (So Far Away) by A Flock of Seagulls
8. Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
9. All Things I've Done by The Killers
10. Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine 




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